What is a Day In The Life session?  

To know them is to love them, right? A family, whatever the dynamic, is a complicated and beautiful mess. It is not perfect or color coordinated. Even when we think about the memories of taking family portraits, often times it is the mishaps and the unplanned snafus that come to mind and make us smile: the last minute bubblegum induced haircut or the ketchup stain that was never noticed until the proofs were viewed. 

Instead of avoiding the quirks that make your family, well, your family, I want to celebrate them and capture them for years of enjoyment; this is the essence of the Day In The Life (DITL) Session. These are moments you will always want to remember and can never get back again. I can give you a clear window into the past that can tell your story for the years to come, when our memories tend to cloud from the passing of time.

How does it work?

To best capture those natural moments, I will, when at all possible, come to meet with your entire family a day or two in advance of your session. This takes some of the adjustment time away for the little or furry ones when I arrive to do the actual shoot. On the day of the session, I will come as early as possible to settle in and catch the first moments of the day and stay through bedtime rituals for a full day session. Full days can also be broken into two parts on consecutive days. Half days are 6-8 hours and the timeframe is decided based on the family plans for the day. Mini sessions are also available for 2-3 hours of goofy fun and mischief. I will go where you go and catch all the little and big moments along the way. You can have your session on a weekday to document your family's everyday activity or I can come play with you on a typical or special event weekend.

When the session is complete, I will thoughtfully edit the images into a personal and provoking selection of proofs. We will meet again and view the images, deciding on which stories you feel strongly about and what images are your heart melters. With that information I will design your beautiful family "yearbook" that you can enjoy again and again and turn into a library of yearbooks that will show how your amazing family changes and grows through the years. 

Please allow 6-8 weeks for design, ordering and delivery of your images in a hand-crafted artisan hardcover photobook made in and sent from Portugal by an incredibly talented and proud family run business. These heirloom books are made of the highest quality in both materials and image printing and will stand the test of time.



How much are sessions & what do I get ?

Mini DITL sessions are $625.00, last 2-3 hours and also come with a hand-crafted 10in x 12in hardcover photobook including your best 30+ images* across 20 pages.

Half-day DITL sessions are $875.00, can last up to 8 hours and come with a custom designed 10in x 12in hardcover photobook containing approximately 50-60 precious images* in it's 30 pages. Book every 6 months to lock in this rate no matter how high rates may go.

Full-day DITL sessions are $1475.00, can last up to 14 hours with breaks and come with a tailor-made 10in x 12in hardcover photobook containing approximately 80-100 images* over it's 50 pages. Book yearly to lock in this rate no matter how high rates may go.

Deposit of $200 is required for all DITL sessions to hold your date and is applied to your choice of session purchase. Deposits are non-refundable in event of cancellation on your part.



I'd like to book several sessions during the year. Do you have special pricing?

If you have had a full day session with me and would like to add on 1-3 mini sessions, you can do so for $300 per session. You can have each mini shoot made into a small single volume photobook  If you plan to book a mini session for all 3 following quarters of the year, all 3 sessions can be made into a larger volume photobook: 3 chapters, each an individual photo essay about your family, and you will save $50 off each session for a total savings of $150. This can be done yearly for an amazing trip down memory lane. 

This pricing is available for up to 3 mini sessions that are shot and paid for within 1 year from your most recent full day session.